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Sure, a 2 year old can go around a mine, a skilled pilot can go around a 100 mines
but how many fleets actually can go around 100.000 mines loaded with detection/contactsensors
and linked with eachother to blow around the first triggered mine

Wanna go through there with "stealth"? it better not hit one of them, because it would be toast
so maybe you could get a few spies in
but a ship/force large enough to take on/out a planet?

So you wanna blast your way through a minefield?
Great, at least I'll know your coming and be ready to throw everything at you
including the kitchen sink

Or do you guys think it's a coincedence that 100000 tonnes of spacegarbage just happens
to put a hole in your field?

"Gee wizz Joe, 20 just went off again, that makes 500 now, must be nothing huh?"

WWII had minefields still taking out ships years after the war ended
Iraq had radar,......
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