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Wow, really great episode here once again. Second week in a row we've had no major Haruhi references, and the riot over episode 16 seems to have calmed down ;x

I loved the animal scene, especially Kagami's reaction to Kona-chan's suggestion that she would be a rabbit, I think she likes the idea =) I also enjoyed when Kagami asked Kona-chan to read that light novel and sat there staring at her. I'm one of those people that can't concentrate when people are hovering over me. I'm often asked at work to come over and fix people's computers (since there is no IT there and I'm the only one who knows anything) and it irritates me when they sit there hovering over me.

The scene with Kona-chan talking to Yu-chan's classmate who assumed by her height that she was a first year made me laugh. Her emphasis on being a third year and his changing tone was great.

The secondary characters really shined in this episode. Minami was good, although yet another episode with her patting her chest due to her lack of bust was a bit much, I think she has other traits that can be used for comedy. I really don't like Kagami's classmates as much as the first years, I find their antics funnier and I enjoy their characters more (Patty especially).

Hiyori's yuri of Yu-chan and Minami was great, I laughed for a good long time there, they didn't get it at all and thought it was cute. Finally, Patty's "holy sites" of otakuness and Yuri cracked me up. Yu-chan's idea of Otome-chan as some sort of wonderful theme park was cute.

Overall 10/10 from me, and I'm looking forward to a list of cultural references once again!
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