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Originally Posted by wandering-dreamer View Post
Episode 12.5 is a OVD episode set between episodes 12 and 13. CR was supposed to have it up a month ago but nothing has happened, also haven't seen any other videos for it other than a 12.5 April Fool's Day prank. The US website for it says:
"Episode 12.5: Heavenís Vengeance
The Headless Rider receives a mysterious red bag that creates big trouble.
The Yakuza chase a gangster, and a wagon disappears on the highway, pursued by suspicious men in black suits. Mikado and his friends should be enjoying the summer festival, but have been swept up in the events. And, finally, a mysterious radiant object appears in the night sky over Ikebukuro...!? "
Hmm I remember seeing that it would be out but I think until either CR has it or someone releases a raw, Ill wait.
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