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Originally Posted by Breidaluk View Post
Now that Kumokawa talked about that, Ichihanaransai will be starting now in Academic City, right?
It's the last festival of the year and they are already into December, so.

Near the end of the past series, there it was "the danger" of having to cancel or put off the date of the Ichihanaransai because of the war; if we think about it logically, Academy City wouldn't be able to pull off a festival on it's own without the help of the external institutions (they need extra resources for the festivities, and if the Ichihanaransai is open to outside audience, then they have more reason to need more stuff to party with)..... Furthermore having the whole world seeing them as enemies would kinda crash the festival mood, so I'm kinda guessing that they would need to solve the current situation before actually even begin to think in a festival.

... If we don't judge that little conjecture as right, then it's possible that Otthinus or whatever spelling it is "buys the farm" before Christmas , and there is no way that the Ichihanaransai isn't associated to a large arc or something.
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