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Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
I was talking about Marian though.
Hehehe my bad ^^"

Originally Posted by Kenju of the Right View Post
Bare-Handed fight? Not so sure about him getting completely beaten to a pulp that, we haven't really seen many Kihara''s do anything really physically special. The only one was Amata and that was just to handle Accelerator
I do agree he said he's more suited to beat Accelerator and especially him but you're talking like it's a piece of cake to handle that guy that way . No matter how skinny he might look he's pretty resilient mind you; and Scarface was partially holding back his hits when using his reversal martial art meaning his normal strikes are much more painful ... and regardless of how strong Amata is I seriously doubt Touma could land a punch on this guy anyway >.>
Well ... putting that aside at least 3 of them has demonstrated to be experienced in hand-to-hand combat with Amata, Enshuu and Nayuta. And it's just supposition but one of the thoughts pattern Enshuu used seemed to belong to a casual hotblooded fighter (Yuiitsu). Mainly leaving Gensei, Ranshuu, Terestina and Byouri in the mechs-only side so far ... and Kagun are still in the (?)
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