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Originally Posted by faiz blaster View Post
Besides, this is Kamijou that we're talking about here. Even he would have trouble keeping track of every single "misfortunate" event that happened around him.
Yes, smaller misfortunate events occurs on daily basis for him, but I doubt he would forget to mention anything on a bigger scale.

Though there is another possibility: that all the events he ends up in, will end up FORTUNATELY for him.

As in completly opposite to what is usually happening to him:
- He will manage to avoid fights completly and forces people to make up.
- He gets to save everyone without injuries or torn clothes.
- He will see a girl at least partialy naked without being punished.
- Afterward someone from the Railgun invites him for a dinner.
- He will find money and gets to fill his fridge (will not last long).

(The 3rd line is refference to some of the ^ posts mentioning seeing Saten naked no living person would consider that as misfortunate)
unless her parents or antiskills would be around
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