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Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post

You spelled it "Sigh" instead of "Sai" so I thought you were sighing from not knowing...
He was probably referring to the original Sunrise romanization of his name, which was "Ssigh" (no joke)

Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant
Out of the original Archangel crew who were genuine military staff rather than students dragged along for the ride, only one guy didn't come back while alive. I don't remember his name, but he wasn't that important and only functioned as a fill-in in SEED.
Yeah, Jackie Tonomura or something. He was one of the bridge guys but disappeared somehow.

Sai's VA actually returned and narrated "Gundam Seed Destiny Plus", the first recap episode of the series... So its not like he's busy or on vacation or something (ie Sayla Mass in Zeta), the creative team just didn't want him back, probably because it doesn't make sense for him to be.
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