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The most striking relationship for me was between Makoto and his mom. It was so beautifully laid out. Despite never getting to see her point of view, I found it hard not to feel for Makoto's mom. And much like Makoto, despite her flaws, she was a good person. Most people in the world are. Heck she was probably better than most. Her care for Makoto was genuine and if her husband's words are anything to go by, she took equally good care of her mother-in-law who wasn't exactly appreciative of her.
That was my favorite part of the movie too. I felt so bad his mother. It was clear she dearly loved her son and tried her utter best to help him, but he kept rejecting her kindness because he couldn't get over the fact she cheated on her husband.

I think the fact the story is only told through Makoto's point of view (even literally at the beginning) is one of the movie's strength. It made it easier to sympathize with him and understand him, though as I said, I got little irritated by the way he treated his mom at some point. However, at the beginning of the movie, my reactions were very much the same as his: "why would he kill himself when he had such a great family?"; "eh, looks like his family isn't as perfect as it seems..."; "screw that, his life sucks"; etc... Thanks to this, I quickly felt myself pulled into the movie.
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