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I'm late weighing in, but here's a longish review of the movie:

In summation, I absolutely loved it - a classic. There was a time in anime where it was common to do stories about boys and the troubles they face growing up, but it's a real rarity these days - it doesn't make you a hit on 2chan, I guess. But there are some real issues this movie confronts - and the statistics show that boys are 6 times more likely than girls to attempt suicide. And how are boys supposed to deal with their problems? "Man up", that's how. Be tough. No tears. Don't talk about it.

I loved so much about this movie. I'll admit it hits every thematic sweet spot for me - magical realism, coming-of-age, hell - it even feeds my inner railway otaku. But I think I'm objective enough to sing its praises on its own merits. I love the family relationship, especially with the mother. I love the fact that - as so often in the real lives of teenagers - it's ultimately not a romance or even the parents but the best friend that proves the crucial relationship in getting through the hardest times. That's a theme so rarely explored with any intelligence or depth in anime these days. I love the ultimate message - the acceptance of pain as a part of life, and the enishi.

Yes, I pegged the plot twist at the end pretty early in the movie. But so what? To me it just made sense, the only proper way to end the film - so naturally, that would be the twist. Like Shinkai in a sense, I think this was poetry more than prose - the story, animation, art and music creating a collection of emotions that evolves and grows more powerful over the course of the movie. It's a beautiful and powerful work, but even more it sheds light on the very real struggles kids go through in life. That's pretty special.

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