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Originally Posted by Mystique View Post
I saw the category for this award but didn't stay to see who got it.

And yes.
AKB 48 are a idol group of 48 girls split into three teams of A, K and B.
Actually, AKB48 has two ways of interpretation when It comes to number of members.
1) 48 members of team A, K,B and the trainees.
2) the while franchise of the project including all girls in SKE48, NMB48 and JKT48.
Therefore in the NHK end of year music program, the number of girls performing on stage was 210.

Originally Posted by Mystique View Post
saving space…
I experienced the quake in Tokyo too, but it was nothing.
Unless its over M 8 again, or has a tsunami, an earthquake is just an earthquake.
Also, after 3.11 thee have been so many earthquakes that we just simply have to ignore them now.
Even at work, if you left your seat and ran for safety of hid under you desk, I am sure your colleagues will say you are over reacting.
I have seen many cases in 2011 when the building is shaking quite badly but people are talking to clients on their phones and not even mention the shaking going on.

I think this ability to adapt to the situation is what makes the Japanese so good at recovering from disasters, rather than have a pity party/ panic attack every time something similar recurs.

Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
If you compare AKB48 and SNSD, AKB48's appeal is largely based on Japanese ideas of "Cuteness". SNSD is has a much more overt sex appeal. You can also say that when it comes to dance choreography SNSD is much more proficient, but I'd say the part of AKB48's appeal is taken from the fact that they're not seen as super proficient at dancing, similiar to how Moe girls are rarely super skilled at anything. Basically they're more friendly girl next door types.

However, that taste for cuteness is fairly restricted to Japan. Sexiness, on the other hand, sells everywhere.
I think you summed it up so well here!

As Akimoto said, AKB was meant to be an idol of can go and see in Akihabara.
They did not need to be super cute at all, or be a good sing or dancer.
So the amatuer existence that they are now is pretty much spot on.
Where as Speed, supermonkeys AAA and johnnys group are meant to be professional and are trained and paid properly for it.

I read a Japanese article somewhere that said, AKB, Momo Kuro, and original morning musume were all idols, but became something else as they attained their current status and fame.
However, by replacing all members with new, amatuer girls, morning musume today has successfully returned to their roots.

I think what the author here was trying to say is the idols are meant t be the girl next door, and you want to cheer them on because they a so imperfect.

****AKB48 alone has 59 members as of today.

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