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Okay, just watched Zwei. Some thoughts:

1. I think the numerous "Fuka Academy" buildings are a network of local teleportation, set up by the original creators of the Administar and, possibly, Miyu (since she can interface with the building and, through it, the Administar). Now, I hate to say "Searrs", but...

2. Nagi explains that the Otome nanomachines play a part in the petrification process. What about Miyu, then? Okay, it's possible that Miyu has Otome-like nanomachines running through whatever is the robot equivalent of veins, but what about the tree on that street in Aries?

3. The green glow around Nina was, I think, caused by the UBD (it's the same color as the background during her materialization sequence). Yes, the earring broke during her fight with Arika in space, but we have already been shown that the contract remains even if the visual signs are removed. The UBD seems to have some kind of natural bond to Nina, just like the UBS to Arika, and they're both Ultimate-class GEMs - so I can see Nina's GEM protecting her in danger even without activation.
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