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Originally Posted by Terrestrial Dream View Post
So what would Gaijin be in Korean I am guessing that jin is probably means person so, something 인?.
Yes, since Gai-Jin is "外人."

Originally Posted by Terrestrial Dream View Post
Now I have a question, lets say that I go to Japan, would there be some type of discrimination generally (not the best choice of the word, as it is too strong but I can't really think of other word to use) to me being Korean? Which is what my parent told me (though they have nothing against Japan, it's just what they told me) I asked similar question before but after what my parents said I want to know if there is some degrees of discrimination generally.
It depends on the reason you go to Japan for (to my experience). If you're a simply tourist/business person, you're usually "welcome" just like any other Japanese customers. There are, of course, certain establishments that try to restrict its customers to Nihonjins.

However, when it comes to living in Japan for the long term, you can run into problems. A good starting point on this is the Wikipedia article Ethnic issues in Japan

Originally Posted by faustianideals View Post
Yes, I'm pretty sure Korea and Japan have bad blood between them. Y'know, with North Korea kidnapping Japanese citizens and all.
The DPRK issue isn't really that serious when it comes to dealing with people from ROK, since most Japanese consider the two countries to be seperate.

The problem (on the Japanese side) mostly starts from the legacy of the Japanese Occupation of Korea from 1910-1945, with the 50,000+ Zainichi being the
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