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Originally Posted by _Anakyn_ View Post
You mean this script is similar to Paul Tuersley's? Once I'm back home I'll try it, but I'm just curious :P
No, it's a lot different from his. His script uses animation presets, and provides some tools to create those presets, and as far as I'm concerned, his script only works for text animators, whereas mine works for text animators as well as effects/transforms/layer styles--u name it-- properties (minus properties that use matrices or objects as values like masks and distortion meshes [it might work--who knows since the values are not normalized]; it works for positions too). This script does not depend in animation preset. I'd like to call this a template script, in which it generates the karaoke based on your template and designed layers.

The keyframe definitions (in text animators/ first range selector, and properties), text typeface are all designed in your text layer. The script duplicates your template layer and generate based on your specifications in the 'code section' (I already made the coding a lot easier to write--the front-end methods do not require so many arguments) Currently, the script won't work with curves because I didn't normalize it correctly; so you can only have two types of keyframes: HOLD and LINEAR. The curve keyframes (Auto-Bezier and Bezier) may work for fixed-length time settings with fixed values, because the timings are not normalized.

There's one feature I'd like to implement later on, but it will require a very powerful system (yay getting Core 2 Quad 2.83GHz next week) to run it.

Basically I would like to precompose generated layers individually (.c), and modify the .p so that it can set run through the script to set the property to that layer (aka property using layer as a value). Why is this interesting? Heard of Trapcode Form? That's an effect I'd like to try and enable. It basically allows particles at the layer level. It means that if I get the text layers (syllable by layer - precomposed). By doing so, I can have the particles at the syllable level or line level, instead of faking it with text to particles stuff. This way, the effects can be shattered and merged for real. The shatter effect can do that, but it's very limited; Trapcode Form has this requirement, and no other scripts can do that, and you don't really want to precompose 300 layers manually... It will be a waste of time.

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