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Cool Top 10 Wishlist to see subbed

I don't mean to sound rude or annoying but here is my wish list in top 10 format of what I'd like to see subbed.

10. Sailormoon R #67, ADV was not able to get Toei to put this episode on the DVD set, and it was not dubbed. It's kinda grey area, but come on! Not to mention out of 200 episodes it the olny episode I have NOT seen.

09. Mobile Suit Gundam #15, Tomino asked it to be taken out. I hear it's a good episode.

08. DragonBall GT #1-14, Funimation decided for some reason to take out these episodes which are pretty good (of the ones I saw in old 30mb .rm subs) The DVDs start with a compilation episode and then #15.

07. Pokemon Crystal (not the game), a short one shot OAV with a mostly new cast, which has the same chance so seeing the release here as me winning a beauty contest.

06. Pokemon Station, a short about 6 episode series about what happens to Kasumi (Misty) and Takeshi (Brock) after the go their seprate ways at the very end of Pokemon. More of a drama I hear.

05. Digimon Movies, I know the first three were hacked and shown. I have seen subs of a few others, but keep 'em coming.

04. YuGiOh (first season), just like Funi with Lupin, 4Kids skipped the first series of YuGiOh.

03. Last episodes of SDC Orguss, The first 17 episodes or so where dubbed then the company when under and now the series has been in limbo for over 5 years. Maybe, Orguss II would be easier to understand if I could finish the first series.

02. More Dr. Slump, Dragonar, L-Gaim, and SD Gundam Old is good

01. Daa! Daa! Daa! and Lupin III - complete series in sets

Please consider my requests, I think I'm not the only one who would like these.

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