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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
This episode earns a 6/10 from me, especially considering how great the previous episode was in comparison.

+ Drunk Nagisa scene was hilarious.
+ Nagisa's new changes in looks.
+ New music

and now the many negatives...

- Tomoya practicing in the rain against no ball is just overdone
- Graduation scene, in general, rubbed me the wrong way
- Pacing
- No wedding
- Tomoya putting his head in the mud, not necessary
- Akio placing his consent on the marriage on a baseball pitch
- Father suddenly starts talking to them, when he refused to reply last episode

I hope the next episode can do a better job in developing the story. Clannad rarely ever goes for subtle, and is always too forced.
Hm I don't think the negetives you listed were that bad. Tomoya's rain practice was to show his determination, also it wasn't like it didn't make any sense since he has trouble with his arm. Well if you say it's overdone there's nothing to be argued XD. The graduation scene was pure win >< I don't know how it could be a negative. I'll admit the pacing was a bit rushed. They zoomed past a whole year in a few mins. As for the wedding, we might get a scene later. I'm under the impression that they haven't gone through with the ceremony yet (Not positive). Tomoya bowing his head really low was a pretty good effect imo. It also shows a bit of character development and how far he'd go for Nagisa. And Akio wasn't seriously thinking "Tomoya should have good BASEBALL skills if he wants to marry my daughter!" it was more of a symbolic thing. Also think about the situation with his father. It wasn't that he was ignoreing Tomoya, he just couldn't find anything to say about his illegal activities.. He talks to Tomoya in the other episodes too.
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