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The last thing in Yuno's bag were a bunch of clear plastic bags with skulls in them. My guess over the Yuno search is that she's got a side plan in the works that we as an audience along with Yuki don't know about. Notice how Akise didn't mention that Yuki was still wanted and how Yuno had "gone missing" although she was supposedly cleared from all suspicion.

In the back of my mind, I feel as if Yuno is using Yuki and going to extreme measures to ensure her victory. Think about it- her diary solely relies on the fact that Yuki is alive, so what would happen if he died before they were the last two remaining? Now, think of it the other way. Yuki and Yuno are the only ones remaining- who would win in a fight? Yeah, exactly.

That's just a thought I've been having since the first episode, but it seems like many people disagree with me on this front.
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