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Well, it seems like you're all interested or something, I haven't gotten the chance to read through every messages, since I'm more of an IRC guy - who likes short messages ;p

I came across about Naruto by SD. It's a very simple karaoke. They basically did the karaoke in ssa and overlay on top of a video overlayed on top of the black strip. The overlay video appears to be random motion (it doesn't base on the tunes or lyrics).

Secondly, I have used quite a few ae effects, and they all work... like Turbulence Displacement (the name is 'turbulentDisplacement' - I'll have to give a short tutorial of how to make up the names for the effects and properties since it's not written clearly in the ae scripting manual)

Thirdly, as for particles and explosions, I just got my hands on Trapcode Particular. I should be able to use that in the karaoke, but I'm not quite sure about the rendering speed since I only own a Pentium-4 3GHz with 1 or 2GB of RAM. Of course, those exotic ones aren't meant for me to run
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