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Well.. in that case why even bother opening AE up.. just let a script write a project file and render it with aerender. That should be doable with an external program like you want.

For me.. I just like AE as it is.. and every effect can be done in .ass and AE, i just depends on what you like working with. I don't like .ass cause i feel that it's not meant for the karaoke we have today, and because i like the overview i have of my effects and layers in AE (So I personally don't want to see hunderds of layers in AE).

Quite possibly (that means if you're skilled enough), you can make a program that 'virtually' makes hundreds of layers in AE, but those are visible as one or two layers in your external program.. I'd like to see that Then I'd be able to understand what I'm doing, and able to easily change stuff (because that's what costs a lot of time.. finetuning)

And if you want some help with particle effects or whatever you think i can help you with, I'd be glad to help (that is, if it's about an external program using the render engine of AE to render it, /me not like the idea of seeing hundreds of layers in AE, making it impossible to see what you're doing and impossible to change).

btw.. i've got nothing against plugins or effects that virtually make hundreds of layers.. as long as i don't see them
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