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Originally Posted by Geta Boshi View Post
It not about Koma is weak it just the case of him using bankai when its not necessary . According to shonen law 101, due to bankai release Koma wont fight and win against any bigger opponent . Either he will have to use a double team or lose . The bigger opponent being Tosen here
I don't really think so. Hitsugaya used bankai to defeat Shawlong and then also used it to defeat Luppi, who was much stronger. Though because of the limit you could argue that bankai was necessary through most of the fight with Shawlong.

Still, Kubo has ways of getting around the "one pwn per power up" rule. Namely, characters can have more than one victory without necessarily getting brand new powers, they just use an aspect of their existing power that was previously unseen. Like Hitsu revealed the ability to control the atmosphere's water to win and Kenpachi used kempo. Couldn't really do that with Ikkaku though, because it had already established that all there was to his bankai was pure power.

Komamura's bankai on the other hand, might have powers we still haven't seen.

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