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Originally Posted by incorrupts View Post
Whut, whut? I was talking about Nina and because of her how many lives were lost. C.C is a SAINT compared to Nina, please. This is irrelevant.
Well, Mao's life was lost because of C.C.
If you want to punish everyone for their crimes in Code Geass, then there won't be anyone left to do the punishing.

And the system can get to work on a satisfactory level. Of course, if there are people that think there is no wrong, or right, then the system goes to hell.
I never said there was no right or wrong. Just that there is no Good and Evil - there's a difference.
But this "grey" thing doesn't have much to do with the matter of punishment. I originally brought it up in another context.

People are mean and good. And under certain environments, they get to express both of their natures. Too bad some people never get to find this "good-allow" environment and they only express the bad-self.

Benefit of the doubt is NOT given in people that have taken others people lives. At least not before they pay.
Are you talking about Nina here?
Because as long as you can't prove that she has told people to use her invention to kill someone, you will have trouble convincing the court that she has taken someone's life.
Her crime wasn't creating Fleya, even though it was a incredibly stupid thing of her to do. Her crime was telling people to use it in battle.

A-a-and? S-s-o? What does this have to do with Nina's punishemnt?
Just because a man makes himself the scapegoat means everything else is butterflies and everyone gets automatically a clean slate? Are you frigging kidding me here? No srsly.
Don't take what I wrote out of context.
You said that the families of the people who were killed want Nina dead and that it hurts them if she isn't punished.
I pointed out that, after Emperor Lelouch, no one cares about what Nina did anymore.

And yet you did. Giving someone a free pass before he gets his right punishment, is erasing the past mistakes.
Someone does not become innocent through punishment or a "free pass".
You can not erase someone's past. You can only give them the chance to move on - be it in a way similar to that Lelouch chose, or through making them atone for their sins first.

Originally Posted by Charred Knight View Post
Theirs a difference between not getting punished and PRAISING A RACIST person.
Agreed, but Nina was a very weak character in the beginning - afraid of everything, probably including her own shadow - and became someone much better than that in the end.
Since she became stronger, she probably wasn't a racist anymore. Her attitude was born from fear and insecurity, and I doubt it survived the aftermath of the Fleya incident.

While I hated the idea of all the people hatred being focused on Lelouch, that doesn't somehow remove her actions. Lelouch dying isn't going to bring those 10 million people back to life.
Punishing Nina won't bring them back, either.
And that's all I'm saying.

The philosophy of a series should be appilicable to real life, Okouchi much like Muzishima is trying to tell me something, and like Muzishima I have the idea that Okouchi must have failed history.
I agree that Okouchi could have made his message clearer.
The way it is, we can only guess.

*agrees with Vallen Chaos Valiant*
"I think of the disturbance in Area 11 as a chess puzzle, set forth by Lelouch." - Clovis la Britannia
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