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Originally Posted by ZingFreelancer View Post
We all can agree that Nina is less likeable character, be it in the beginning or in the end.
Can we?
Yes, Nina was a quite pathetic character in the beginning. But I never disliked her - she was interesting, and that's all I care about in fictional characters.

The world was based on racism towards numbers, so she hated and feared them. Then the world shifted and she had to shift to in order to fit in.
The whole part of her being stuck on avenging Euphy and causing even more death is pathetic effort. I can understand Suzaku being stuck up on vengeance, but not her.
I mostly disagree. And if you look at the two postings before yours, you'll have my reasons.
Nina didn't just want to "fit in". She truly wanted to become a better person... no matter how incredibly misguided and stupid her first attempts on that were.
And Euphie represented everything she wanted to be.
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