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Originally Posted by ZingFreelancer View Post
That is highly unlikely to happen, Suzaku got a live on geass cast on him, so he "cant" be assassinated or killed. In terms of dying of age, Schneizel will be first one to go.
Unless Suzaku falls ill, but the modern medicine is probably at its best.
Er he can be asassinated and killed. His live on geass only stops him from going suicidal(which isn't a problem anymore since he has accepted living as his punishment) and pushes him to his limits. If someone wants Suzaku dead and they don't care about the collateral or cost then Suzaku will die. No ifs, ands or buts.

Kallen beating him in EP 19 and tieing against him in EP 25 of R2 clearly shows that he's not invincible when faced with either a clearly superior opponent and/or pilot.

Throw in numbers as well and....

I'm not saying it will happen since the possibility is slim but its not non-exsistant.
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