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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
About the whole clean-slate...

That's the point, isn't it? That Lulu allowed people who ARE guilty to be forgiven, as the price to peace? Many people who gained happy endings in CG2, didn't earn it. But then, lynches and animosity is what holds peace back. The Federation was going to treat Britannia and Britannians as second-class citizens as a part of their retribution if they HAD won the war directly, and in many ways it is to be expected. But that would not bring peace.

It is exactly because Britannians did whatever they wanted, that they brought the ire of the world upon them. In the end, it is not what you want, but what you need, that's important. Ougi and Villetta were no saints, but it is exactly because there IS peace, that their Union is even possible. The world does not need lynch mobs, or revenge. The "score" does not need to be settled.

No, I am not happy about Ougi. But I actually think he knows full well that the man he betrayed was also the same man who gave him everything he ever wanted. He know he was wrong about Zero, and that's good enough for me.

As for Nina?

In the end, she was not so much a crazy murderer as much as a puppet. Her first bomb didn't even detonate. It would have ended there, had not Nina been taken under the wing of a Royal who told her everything she wanted to hear. She was just another scape goat, a confused child who did all the work in order for someone else to keep his hands clean. Far too many hundreds of people were involved in the Sakuradite bomb's construction, for Nina to be taking the blame on her own.
More than anything else, I feel sorry for Nina. So much talent, so much energy, but wasn't guided by the right hands. One way or another, death isn't something that will do her any good.

Where the people who where in charge of the Concentration camps puppets as well? It's not their fault their being controlled by Hitler!

Nina wasn't confused she wanted to commit genocide on the Japanese people! Your doing nothing but making excuses for an action that is inexcusable, she nearly caused the end of the world with her racist beliefs.

If Lelouch'd death did all that than why was Schneizel brainwashed, where his clean slate?
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