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Originally Posted by FooBar View Post
There's something I didn't quite understand during the entire Saikoroshi-hen arc:

Spoiler for Saikoroshi-hen:
Here's my take on it: Let's assume for a moment that Rika really did die in the car accident that sent her to the next world. In order for her to get back to the one she left, there would have to be a body waiting for her. Hanyuu used the rest of her spiritual power to either:
a. rebuild rika's body and change people's memories or
b. changed the timeline itself so that rika would only receive a coma from the accident, instead of losing her head.

The resulting use of Hanyuu's power deprived her of her corporeal existance in the world where Takano was defeated, hence why she appears in ghost form. I don't think any of the friends acknowledged her existance either.
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