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The problem isn't with religions, religions have always been a necessity for human kind, and it's thanks the the Arabic world and Islam that Europe entered Renaissance. We were the same idiotic christianism zealot, burning women and doing many others nasty things before.

Nop, the problem isn't the invisible pink unicorn, or tentaculous monsters, it's simply the lack of education in this part of the world, or should I say, the fact the education is heavely influenced by Islam.
Education is forcibly influenced by religion, but some countries -even western side heh - got their system really messed up, twited, to the point it became propaganda.

I don't think the world would be better without religion, I have no basement to asset such a fact, but I know, for sure that if you give people a proper education, religion only becomes a "way of living" or a "path to rightfulness" and not what is it for some extremists people who the moment they were born, sat and had to listen to some lies, continously, and continously until it entered to the deepest part of their brain.
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