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I can imagine Madoka going all liquid snake on Ichika and scream "brooooother!" while punching him in the face on top of a busted giant nuke launcher IS. : )

But yeah after seeing the two last episodes I hope that the anime will at least get it's own original ending and that what we are seeing is not LN9 that Izuru didn't publish yet because laziness.

As for the clone thing, I believe they are both clones of her. Thing is the whole Ichika can pilot an IS plot is kinda confusing. Cos if I recall Tabane had to make the IS move for him in order to get him into the academy. Then he just pilots his own IS whose made from, dundunduuun, Chifu's own IS. Or am I forgetting something? Did he pilot a training suit?

Well ichika and madoka are mostly clones.. evne ichikas name kinda points towards that "ichi-ka" in japanese "ichi" means 1 (one) so he might have been the fist product... but it turned out to be a failure becouse it become a male and not female so mostly they wanted to terminate him but chifuyu learned about it and was able to save him before that happened.... later she grew strong attachment to him...hmm and maybe she didnt wanted him to have anything to do with IS and just wanted him to have a normal life..... when the IS moved in order to hide the fact that he might be a clone she sends him to the IS academy

madoka might be the 2nd clone that looks like chifuyu but maybe something went wrong and was considered failure too... she was taking lots of medical nanobots so maybe her health is not all that perfect and she just blames chifuyu for that (since its her DNA)... madoka said herself that ichika is not her real target mostly becouse of the fact that he is just like her a clone (but not aware of that)

Izuru sure is lazy...he does few chapters of fighting and says he is tired of those fights (x_x) and wants some school life for vol9......seriously no one really wants the school life fillers and people wants the story to move on..... if he is on hiatus then he could write even on knees while sitting on the toilet (place with highest concentration area) each morning so after few months it would be wonder publishers are pissed off on him ^^

hmm If I recall correctly... chifuyu asked tabane about the theory of tabane leading a boy and making the is move at the certain time.... but tabane said that even if that was the case then he shouldnt be able to move other IS units but that one tabnae would move..... yet she replyd that its to troublesome for her to do that.... about byakushki... well tabane herself was not sure how it even moves becouse the core nr.1 has been formated so it should have no records of previous pilots.... and later saw a diagram of byakushki evolvment based on a male pilot which looked like nothing she ever saw.

so there are possibilities that tabane knew about japanese cloneing program (kinda like how german people were doing [laura and ku]) and knew that ichika will be able to operate IS becouse his dna is based of chifuyu (its not gens from father-mother that mix... but clone from 1person Dna)... maybe chifuyu knew about that too thats why she wanted to keep him away from IS stuff (since he is a male and that would spread like wildfire and couse problems for her and him [learning that the whole parents abondoned us was a lie since he never had those])

I remember funny thing when tabane said that she might upgrade byakushki for ichika... and then added "so how do you want to look as a girl Ik-kun" that kinda was a spoiler about madoka "who said I'am you orimura ichika" kinda pointing in the dirrection of knowing their orgins
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