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Having recently watched the first movie... I'm just curious to see what they do with the fight scenes. I mean... the final battle especially will be interesting, as the Nanoha vs. Fate power was driven up to an 11. The A's fight scenes were already much more intense relative to the first season, so if the second movie pumps up the action the same amount as the first movie did for the first season... poor Defense Program.

As for the story... it will be interesting to see them fit it all in. All the fights were needed, though I expect they could combine the fight they have after they got upgrades with the fight where they introduce the masked foes, so as to cut down a bit on it. Hopefully also cut out Fate's sequence at the end, not because it wasn't good for her, but because it took up a lot of time. Probably cut out a lot of the random scenes involving Nanoha's friends, again.
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