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Originally Posted by ChainLegacy View Post
Charlie the Parrot Saves Owner from Intruders

Parrot power. I was surprised to see it's not the first time either, one parrot saving a girl from choking by alerting her mother.

Amusing story.

I loved one of the remarks in the comments section though. Made me lol quite hard.

This reminds me of the joke about a parrot warning a house burglar that "Jesus is watching you". The burglar startled shown his flashlight on the parrot and asked whether he said that. "Yep, the parrot responded. " I just trying to warn you." And who are you the burglar asked? My name is Moses the parrot says. The burglar asked who would name a parrot Moses. The parrot responds, "the same people who named their Rottweiller, Jesus." LO!!! Y'all have a nice day!
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