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Originally Posted by Rethice View Post
I'm curious about Yukimura. I presumed it was a girl, even after hearing her story - just one that wants to fulfill her parent's desire to have a son, but is it really a trap? I don't know. I'm going to go ahead and continue believing it's a girl.
Yes, Yukimura is the Hideyoshi of BokuTomo

As was said when he/she/it joined the club, he wants to become more "manly" under Kodaka's lead - he apparently regards Kodaka with his Yankee thug image as very manly... but that's just him.

Yozora of course started trolling again and put him in a maid outfit, saying that a manly man will even show his manliness in a cute female dress, and naive Yukimura fell for it XD
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