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Not to my knowledge. Though to be fair, sometimes motives get left out in the quick writeups. The Order of the Lotus I don't ever got to the point where they had a motive or cause. The DEEN Directorate really didn't either that I recall, other than the keep Saber and Rika in check. Thought I suppose Saber could be free of DEEN now (Fate/Zero is by UFOtable (Carnival Phastasm is by a company called Lerche?), which would need a background...or prehaps take the backstory from 2008 when it was Fate/Stay Night and Higurashi with Kara no Kyōkai's Shiki as a sort of ally/assassin...though Higurashi was acting in in a rebellious fashion, partly supporting the KyoAni Empire. So the introduction of the large DEEN group from Seitokai no Ichizon was to keep control over the rebellion from Hinamizawa and keep Saber and Rin in check.)

But if we have another large group of characters with the same voice actress there could be a reason for another secretive (or not so secretive) society to give a backstory to "match the flavor" of Assassin's Creed with the Order of the Lotus being the other half of the flavor.

I vote Yukarin for that one, just because of Nanoha and Rika. But which voice actress (aside from Kugimiya, who has her Jedi-like Knights) has the numbers and recent popularity in characters to stand on par with Hanazawa right now?
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