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Actually I've looked up incest before and seen what it can cause when it is between a Father and Daughter and I've concluded that it couldn't affect her genitalia but it is most likely responsible for why Yasu is so weak and small because incest can cause a child to be very underdeveloped and the thing you are referring to is called an Intersex where from the pictures I've seen of it looks like a combination of a penis and a vagina. This however can not be cause by incest from what I know.
In all honesty, a singular case of inbreeding isn't very likely to have any serious negative effects on the child, and as someone else has already stated, we KNOW why Natsuhi hated the child's presence. Also, I think a case of ambiguous genitalia would have been mentioned, regardless of whether Natsuhi herself cared enough to change a diaper herself.

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Actually on that have people noticed that the 7 adults each represent the 7 sins
Krauss = Sloth
Natsuhi = Pride
Eva = Greed
Hideyoshi = Gluttony
Rudolf = Lust
Kyrie = Envy
Rosa = Wrath
Eh, it's one of those details that people tracked very closely in the beginning, to look for a pattern, but it really was just a superfluous affectation of the magical narrative. After all, several of the adults could just as well be several sins (Rosa was described as "lustful" in EP4, and both Eva and Krauss are just as prideful. Hideyoshi isn't even gluttonous at all, he's just fat. I mean, the dude's like 50 and runs a restaurant chain. And in EP3 where Kyrie got well matched with Leviathan, Rudolf had ... a kiiiinda appropriate battle with Belphegor)

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Aha, The only time Natsuhi Calls the child 'Man' is in the final chapter, when she confesses everything. Here
That's not saying much - it's the ONLY time she ever talks about it, after all. In her inner dialogue she calls the person a "man", repeatedly.
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