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The good:

- I liked the Kougami and Akane scene; Kougami's nervousness about Makishima was well done, as was his frustration towards Makishima being taken out of the MSWPB's hands.
- Ditto for Kougami's little Shougo-hallucination.
- Akane could be considering the pros and cons of the system by now.
- It was only a little scene, but I liked the interaction between Masaoka and Gino.
- The way that several of the team seemed to think Kagari didn't run away was good. Masaoka and Kougami are both pretty good at psychology and prediction.
- It was nice to see Makishima's very firm refusal of the system. It's a bit cheap, but it was an effective way to make the audience cheer for Makishima.

The bad:

- Rather than the series being a portrayal of a value clash between people and a well-meaning but deeply flawed Sybil system, we now have a cacklingly evil Sybil system that's not just using psychopaths' brains but is the psychopaths.

- Touma talked big about how they could force Makishima to join the system but he was going to ask him first anyway...but he had very few precautions in place. Relying on Makishima being disorientated or unwilling to fight, and having only a Sybil-equipped Dominator to fight with in case he did fight? Ridiculous.

And also ridiculous that he even asked him in the first place, given that he didn't intend to take "no" for an answer, and anyone with half a brain (...sorry...) should be able to guess that Makishima would refuse. Although it is a nice illustration of how omnipotent the Sybil system feels. The mistakes they've made actually make a lot more sense if they're viewed as the products of overblown egos who feel as if they are gods of prediction and judgement. (And yet they are okay with having the Inspectors and Enforcers making limited judgement calls...)

- It's looking more and more as if Kagari really died. There are very few possibilities left. Could be that the Sybil system changed its mind and decided to hold him captive to frame him and as an excuse for shutting down the MSWPB team. ("Just now, we caught your Enforcer, Kagari, and killed him. He had definitely run away. The MSWPB must take responsibility for this, and so you're all fired.") But then, they don't necessarily need him to still be alive for that plan. Only other possibility with him still living would be that Shion helped him escape using her mighty tech skills, but then, it would be very difficult for her to pull that off without being killed by Sybil herself, and she wasn't dead in this ep. know, there were probably a bunch of helmets lying around. Kagari could possibly have escaped with one, although I don't know how he could avoid the cameras.
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