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I'm not sure how you get much more evil than a totalitarian oligarchy that has completely eliminated the judiciary system, has the ability to quickly/instantly determine the death or permanent incarceration of any citizen, has the populace completely duped on what it really is, and is made up by a bunch of sociopathic brains.

Honestly, a completely non-emphatic machine would probably be preferable to this. At least such a machine would almost certainly be objective. With these brains, how can you ever be assured that they're not ordering someone to be killed just for sadistic shits and giggles?

We know at least one of them is a serial killer, and they just wanted to recruit another serial killer. So it's hardly out of the question that Sibyl might order someone killed "for the lolz".

It's honestly impressive how disturbingly monstrous Gen has made Sybil. In some ways, it's more frightening than the Borg.
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