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But even in a worst-case scenario, this anime still retains its two main strengths that I mentioned before. This episode was indeed a very entertaining and thought-provoking watch. I just hope that the contextual base for all of this can be the strong foundation that such a skyscraper of entertainment and intellectual allure deserves to have.
I agree there are a lot of plot holes but then if you remember I complained about the world building early on in this series which I think creates these plot holes.

I find the concept of psychopaths judging everyone to be a fascinating idea but the whole way this system came about does seem silly to me and it still hasn't really been explained.

But the series like you said is super entertaining and well as I've said many time Urobuchi is a master of dialog. Strangely enough I find most of the interesting philosophy not in the story itself but in the random bits of dialog: what Makishima says to the chief, Kougami's discussions with Akane, etc

Of course some of this dialog is taken from other sources but even then I enjoy seeing all the references Urobuchi is making and think he must be having tons of fun with this series, showing of what he loves.

I suppose in some ways the bigger picture might be a bit disappointing but for me these little moments spread throughout the series are endlessly fascinating. That is what really makes Psycho Pass a must watch for me every Thursday.
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