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Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
Aka computer taking over?

Sorry, I'll pass. I've seen way too many movies with such concept like for example Terminator and I, Robot.
Isn't that pretty much what happened?

The computer or rather the minds that make up it's consciousness took over after the gave it more room to grow then needed?

Originally Posted by justsomeguy View Post
After all, the Sibyl System would seem to be composed mostly or entirely of sociopaths of the criminal sort (since a non-violent sociopath would not be caught and brought in), and who in their right mind would turn their government and judiciary over to a bunch of murderers? They didn't even bother removing free will from the brains.
How do we know that for sure? After all it was stated they could remove Makishima's brain by force if they had to (Destroy His Body and Take His Brain) so obviously they've could've done this to plenty of non-violent sociopaths who've been detected.

Also if you remove the free will how would they be able to calculate and handle problem solving and who better to handle the hard chooses then the individuals who don't feel remorse for their actions...I like most of our politicians.
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