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Originally Posted by kagato3 View Post
Care to share where you found this information that they existed before the master clans were founded? The only thing I have found is mention of the history of some of the hundred clans, but the only history I have found on the master clans was the Yotsuba which again they state was formed by those that were made/remade in the Fourth Institute. They also made it quite clear that the master clans were not just part of the hundred clans. If they were only the strongest of the hundred clans then there would not be a need to distingush between the hundred families and the 18 replacement clans.
No but it's the common thing to assume. Plus what it states is that those the survived the institute were allowed into the family t does not say that's how it was created. The hundred families only came to be after the birth of the number system so I'm not saying the tenth were the strongest because prior to having their number they were just family with magical lineage.

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is this thought ever cross your mind?

Dreyakis registers to translate "The Honour Student's Supplementary Lesson" because he thinks this chapter is about either Miyuki or Mayumi or at least Hatori but BAAM!! it's about the prick (don't remember his name) and lose all his motivation to finish the job.

And he won't move on unless he finished this current objective.
wouldn't he have know that by the illustration, or all summaries and discussion they had about the story here and various other places (including baka tsuki forum), or if he can read the raw's it won't be odd for him to have read it previous to this.
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