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I think her compatability with Orochimaru is much better than others in her family and it's pretty much quite coincidence (or just because that's her preference), it's just natural that she trained hard to master it. Just like how Tatsuya can decompose things but he also trained to use it to full potential, to the point he can utilise Material Bust precisely down to mg of matter. Asking if there is something between Erika and Orochimaru is the same as asking where Tatsuya's unique ability comes from. Then if you're wondering about Erika then you should as well think about Tatsuya's case as well.

Of course, there COULD be something, like the Chiba experimented on Erika when she was a child in order to study the sword; or maybe because she does not have much "magical power", they decided to implant a "chip" in Erika somthat she can use Orochimaru.....just like the case of "who-you-know"
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