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Originally Posted by babbo3d View Post
wouldn't he have know that by the illustration, or all summaries and discussion they had about the story here and various other places (including baka tsuki forum), or if he can read the raw's it won't be odd for him to have read it previous to this.
Even with the translation, i still think that dude's story is "amelia in wonder land". Honor student? Him? Where the hell are Mayumi, Miyuki, Shizuku and Honoka?
I though it's Mayumi since she has the university exams coming soon so she need some supplementary like when she is in the library.

And @Nyaaan~~ dude, i don't remember his name and if there is any noun that would refer precisely to him without any misunderstanding, that would be "prick" or "douche-bag". You know it's effective.
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