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Originally Posted by Shinji103
It's a psycommu system. Usso and Odelo put it best:

Odelo: "It's that kind of machine, so who knows what it can do." (a bit touchy on translation, but this is the general idea of what he said)

Usso: "That's right, because it's a psycommu system."

That does make sense. As I said, Katejina was always selfish, and it got much worse by the end of the series. So, being selfish, she's all wrapped up in the delusion that she has two guys fighting each other to the death for her love.

She did love Chronicle, but she had already basically snapped at that point, although you could still see she cared somewhat when she shouted out his name as he plummeted to his doom

She had already snapped from the effect of the Angel Halo's light, which had a different effect on her because of her different state of mind. She thought of it as Shakti and Usso looking down on her, but she had just gone crazy.
um, if you snap that easily then your bascially insane, selfish does not equate to insane. There was no reason she would snap in the first place, one moment she wants to be a spy and the next she was shoting at her former allies, they never explained why, with Quess there was at least chars bs of souls are weight down by gravity (yeah like the colony doesn't have gravity).
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