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I just finished, at episode 23 I am thinking, well he got 3 for 5 on helping people. Not really a romance except for some parts(He never really ended up with anyone). So hes at a 4 outta 5 on helping, and I guess a 5 outta 5 if you consider making fox girl's last moments happy.

I have a question. So the Ayu through out the show, was an "out of body, body" type thing that she thought was a dream?

Overall sad untill the end. Only one girl died. Saved the suicidal sick girl, the crazy suicidal demon slayer, the depressed cousin, and the comatose girl. Too bad for the fox girl.

And for those saying the ending was not realistic...there was a fox girl, a ghost girl, and a demon slayer...ending fits perfectly.
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