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If people have yet to see all 24 episodes of the series, they shouldn't be commenting in this thread, as per the rules that have been laid down in the OP. I don't see how people can (or should) be making any speculations or forming judgements on a partial viewing of the show when this thread is supposed to be a discussion of impressions/opinions formed on all 24 eps. Sorry about playing the wannabe mod, but that's a pet hate of mine.

Anyway, I figure a few people have already read my review, but I've given it a very strong "8". It's an outstanding series, and most of the flaws are really only minor. It's a series that demands a really fine analysis to properly form a judgement of it, since (like many of KyoAni's works) much of the devil is in the details. Much of the character development comes out of little character interactions that seem unimportant at the time but actually make quite profound commentaries on the characters, and much of the plot is propelled by little gestures from the characters that just say big things (Mai taking her mom to the "zoo" was one of the biggest examples of that).

The technical aspects of the show were amazing. I wanted to discuss the seiyuu in my review, but it was already well-and-truly long enough as it was, but the cast was fantastic and there were outstanding performances all round, particularly from Kawasumi Ayako (who I think has seriously matured and come into her own over the last couple of years), Horie Yui and particularly Sugita Tomokazu. The directing was beyond reproach... I rank Ishihara along with Shinbo as my two favourite TV-show directors at the moment. And "Last Regrets" has become my most-listened-to song over the last few weeks.

The only significant criticism I have of the series is that the final episode lacked dramatic tension, but as a conclusion it worked decently enough, and I think most people have already pointed out both its boons and banes, so I won't go over it. Overall, loved the story, loved the characters, will desperately miss the anime. It won't make my top ten list, but I won't be forgetting it any time soon.
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