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Originally Posted by Kaioshin_Sama View Post
The thing is this thread is probably going to be long gone and/or forgotten by the time I actually finish episode 24 which will probably be early 2008 to mid 2008 if not late 2008, so I want to get it in now. [...] I have considered a LOT of written text and plot synopsis, review summaries of episodes on the show, clips of important scenes and the shows overall course and I am dead certain that 7/10 will be my final score. [...]
So, not only is actually viewing the show not required for you to form an opinion and even defend it, but you're able to come to your own distinct conclusions based solely on the selective impressions and conclusions of others, and believe with certainty that those conclusions will hold if and when you actually expose yourself to the facts. It's opinionating for the surpremely lazy. Brilliant! In two paragraphs, you've perfectly described the biggest problem with democracy today.

You're putting the cart before the horse; you enjoy arguing about anime more than you enjoy anime itself. Your loss, IMO.
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