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I think the reason that Kaioshin is having problems getting along with everyone (actually, it's probably the other way around) is because Kanon is quite unique in the fact that it's all about the experience, not the finale - the journey is more important than the destination, if you will. Naturally, not having actually watched it, he can't factor this into his opinion at the moment.
This anime version was my first experience with anything related to KEY (never even heard of them until this show was announced), so maybe one of the Kanon veterans can corroborate my claim.

So, I think that under normal circumstances, Kaioshin would probably be just fine in making forming his opinions before actually seeing the show (lord knows I've done it with stuff like Mai-[whatever], Fate/Stay Night, Naruto, and others without ever actually watching it) provided that, upon viewing, he doesn't necessarily change his opinion but at least reevaluates and reconsiders it and remains open to the possibility of it changing.
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