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Originally Posted by Mirrinus View Post
The term "harem" seems to have been diluted so much that I've pretty much seen it slapped onto any show with a male protagonist where the number of female characters outnumber the male characters (with the opposite being called, of course, a "reverse harem"). I honestly don't see any meaning in the term anymore.

But hey, I can understand it if some people just don't like any show that can be classified under "harem". I have a similar problem with mecha, meh...
Reverse Harem eh... never heard that one. By that logic every title should have the word harem in its genre description. And also by that logic upcoming shows such as Claymore, Idolm@ster Xenoglossia and Lucky Star would be considered harem as well. I only use Harem when its clear that one particular character has a clear pick at a life-partner from a large cast of characters (usually 5 or more). I think the game meets the description in a loose interpretation, but not the anime.

For me something falls under the term Mecha when there is a piece of machinery or technology a chararacter uses for various purposes that they can fit inside. So Tekkaman Blade falls under that heading as does Macross and Kyoshiro To Towa Sora.

@Nightengale: I kind of had the Seed vibe with the ending of the episodes sort of segueing into the ending theme, though it didn't do it as well as Gundam Seed or Shakugan No Shana did since its more of an abrupt cut without a lead out than a clear segue.
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