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Originally Posted by Snowman24 View Post
Well considering I got the whole Marion story done in less than 2 weeks, I say the hounding was good :P Constant motivation, etc. Speaking of which, I think we should hound Mr. Wang to continue his story! I miss it :P

BTW, I was thinking of next tackling the Franca and Nichol story you suggested earlier.
Spoiler for Franca:

^This one sounds fun and slightly challenging. But first I need to finish correcting/editing and adding to the Marion story so I could post it up at fanfiction for the other readers *though most reside here :P*

Then, somehow or other, get back on the Magari story. I got a few hours of work to tackle to get my Marion story up, so I'll get to it.
Definitely like that you plan to tackle the Franca/Nichol one, but since you've already got a lot for the Magari one (at least, from the previews), maybe you should finish that one first. It'd take you less time, IMO.

Then you could start fresh on the Franca one.
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