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Lol, same, I'm going to the city. Every year, around this time, we have a great big get together and PARTY! We all met at University and we were all first year students and became friends... then we found out the strangest thing...

There's like 6 of us and we're all Gemini's lol. So, instead of celebrating each ones birthday throughout the month, we all meet up in the city and have a Gemini birthday bash, for all of us at the same time :P.

ANYWAYS! I was giving your Franca+Nichol fanfic some thought and nearly all of it has been changed with what I've come up with.

Spoiler for Franca fanfic changes:

It's what I decided to change so far.
Spoiler for Impressions:
Good luck working on it. I look forward to the results.
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