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^Actually, I'd say Hody's stamina is more comparable to Awakened Zoans (or Usopp/Spandam ) than the typical GL superpowers.....

Originally Posted by noktown View Post
I don't think there will be "time" involvements in this series,Oda's much better than that...

Why not? Frankly, DF powers in general defy logic as it is, so I see no reason why Oda couldn't make a time-based power work. Unless you think that Oda would suddenly pull a Bleach and have Blackbeard become some wacky troll of a villain like Aizen/Tsukishima? I already pointed out Jojo in my last post (as well as billions of times before then), which does an awesome job of handling time powers (well, not so much King Crimson, but that's a matter of personal taste).

Which reminds me: I pointed out the possibility of Blackbeard "evolving" his powers in a manner similar to Pucci in my last post. I now realize that the comparison is even more fitting since Teach, much like Pucci, also has a gravity-type power (even if the darkness fruit works differently from C-Moon).
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