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Who's idea was it to put Araragi Karen/Araragi Tsukihi against Hirasawa Yui/Hirasawa Ui?

The result of the exhibition match between the Fire Sisters and Hirasawa Sisters is one of the few times a result has made me mad. I'm pissed off that I screwed up so badly in failing to nominate Karen and Tsukihi. Karen only needed a single nomination and I could have been the one to give it to her. I'm sure I could have convinced someone else to nominate Tsukihi with me to get the two nominate she needed. In the end I didn't. I was hoping they wouldn't be too strong so my error wouldn't mean that much but it seems like they could have been Top 16 material. That's why the result has me platinum mad.

Looking at the other results I have no idea what to make of Eucliwood beating Riko worse than she beat Gasai Yuno. She did a fair bit better as well. Riko's Round 1 match was with Aria so there's no usable data there. However, Riko was supposed to be much stronger than Yuno. If Yuno was stonger, Yui wouldn't have flattened her so badly. I wonder if something happened recently in Kore wa Zombie that caused Eucliwood to jump in strength.

Kirishima Shouko ends up nearly losing to Himeji Mizuki. I expected Shouko to be a fair bit stronger than Mizuki. She's always looked that way in past matches. I wonder if there's some wierd same series thing going on here.
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