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Originally Posted by Rajura View Post
Damn you PRC!

There must be something the people of the PRC find completely "anti-moe" about my Holo.
Can someone who is Chinese PLEASE explain to me why as a whole y'all can't find my Holo moe?... not that you would change my mind.

I just want to know how your minds work.


Other than that, I'm not torn about many other races... just frustrated that Kanade keeps rolling over opponents.
Spices n' Wolf as a whole is just a really old show, and not exactly action oriented either. Even I find it a bit boring (I never even finished the 1st season), although it probably because I was expecting more merchant stuff in it (I do like Holo quite a lot even from what I see, though - there're only about five characters I'd vote over Holo this year in Stella).
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