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Originally Posted by Triple_R
These are good theories Triple_R and I could easily see it going this way.

Originally Posted by Dr. Casey
Yes! I'm glad to see this be raised as the topic of discussion, because I've always been very curious to learn just why the mention of Saki's sister has such a powerful effect on her.
Anyway regarding Teru I wonder if the latest episode is how Teru usually deals with the press. Because if this is how Teru usually deals with them then Saki affects her just as badly as Teru affects her estranged imouto,

If you guys rewatch the last episode of original anime (ep.25), there was the interview that Nishida, the main reporter of S1, did with Teru asking if she has a sister.

Spoiler for ep. 25 scene:

Notice how curt and even rude Teru is in that scene compared to this latest episode where she's the perfect media darling.

I think when Teru said go ahead she was going to be perfectly polite until Nishida decided to ask about her imouto... The moment they asked that you can see Teru have decided that the interview was over... She did not even make an excuse just turned away from them.

And the visible pause when she was answering... I have no sister. Whatever Teru says Saki obviously still affects her a lot.

Btw, I think Nishida noticed that pause as well as Teru's facial expression. Nishida after all is the reporter that managed to spot Nodoka's miniscule pause when she interviewed Nodoka in ep. 3 and compared to Teru's pause, Nodoka's was easily overlooked.

Spoiler for Nodoka's pause:

Nodoka's interview is a nice parallel to Teru's interview actually and its even more obvious considering both of them are trying to deny the same person. Considering that Teru must have a very good facade or probably just don't care about most things like Nodoka, the fact that their armor piercing question is about Saki says a lot.

I wonder what Nishida actually made of Teru's interview... she must have know that Teru is lying there...
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